Semia has been an Aesthetician for 15+ years.   She was born and raised in France, and her dream since she was a young girl was to be a part of the wonderful French fashion and beauty industry.

After Semia earned her baccalauréat “S”, she was qualified for L’École Internationale de Paris. Semia earned the highest degree, the BTS.   A 3 year degree of master level education in skincare, body treatments, massage therapy, make-up artist, manicurist and pedicurist.   With those qualifications she was ready for Paris, the heart of the world of fashion and beauty.  She brought her expertise to luxurious and world famous Parisian Spas. 

Semia never thought to move to the US, but as so often happens, love led the way.   She moved to the US in 2002. Semia has worked in the US now for 9 years, beginning in Washington DC in a Med Spa, and moving to Austin in 2006 working in Avant Garde Salon Spa with Aveda products.  In Austin, Semia is focusing on skincare.

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Erika S.

Las Vegas, NV
We love Semia! Her French wit and professional manner make painful procedures such as hair removal a bit less painful. I don't ever look forward to having my back waxed but I always look forward to seeing Semia!

South T.

Austin, TX

Poco D.

Austin, TX
By far the best facial I've ever received!
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